Our Story

Coni Bijoux is the embodiment of passion, style, character, creativity and calibre in crafting cherished pieces that speaks to your heart and lets your story be told.

Coni Bijoux (CB) was founded by Connie in November 2011 and is dedicated to the creation of personally tailored jewellery for our clients that is driven by a taste for excellence and distinguishing designs. We offer a wide range of hand-finished jewellery in pearls, gems, organic materials, silver and gold of calibre quality, that has been selectively chosen and quality checked to ensure only excellence.

Coni Bijoux’s devotion to delivering only superior quality products drives our founder to personally hand select the pearls that are used in every Coni Bijoux piece.

Our flagship products are multi-functional as we understand the different and unique tastes of every woman. This multi-functionality ensures that you can create styles that reflect your individuality and personality.  Amongst our products is an exclusive patented Coni Bijoux earring hook which is designed by the founder; only Coni Bijoux can deliver you this exclusive unique design.

Our Professionalism

The founder

Connie is the Founder of Coni Bijoux, and a jewellery lover who wants to share her experience and passion for the beauty of jewellery and the confidence of a woman who wears an exquisite piece of work, with you.

Connie is a Gemmologist, Diamond Grader and Jewellery Designer. She has invested enormous time and effort in developing her collections, which are inspired by her own loves and the desire to share this with women from around the globe, and of all ages.

Connie is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia (FGAA).
She holds Diplomas in Gemmology and Practical Diamond Grading.

Apart from her qualifications in the jewellery industry,  Connie is also
a Justice of the Peace (JP),  and a Fellow of CPA Australia (FCPA).
She holds Master degrees in Business Administration and Financial Management from Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

Our Philosophy

Inspires passion, style, character, creativity and calibre in creating cherished jewellery

Passion – Commits in heart and soul
Style – Satisfies your needs and desires
Character – Understands every woman’s uniqueness and that your choice is special
Creativity – Offers distinctive designs for mixing and matching
Calibre – Guarantees each product is as it is described and sold


To be your first choice when well-known fine jewellery crosses your mind
To be the jewellers that you go to in order to find rare beauty of calibre craftsmanship
To be a creator and leader to drive market trends


We provide distinctive designs and calibre quality jewellery that reflect your individuality and unique styles.

Our customers experience our love of gemstones as they wear our lovingly crafted pieces. More importantly, our customers recognise their own individual beauty and uniqueness as they adorn Coni Bijoux. At Coni Bijoux, we strive to make you happy; only when you are completely delighted with your Coni Bijoux piece will we be satisfied.


Trust, reputation and goodwill are dear to Coni Bijoux’s heart.

Your comments and feedback are valuable for our continuous improvement, so we will welcome any suggestions from all our customers. Your joy gives us great encouragement and pride in what we do; we will let you walk away with a Coni Bijoux piece when you are completely satisfied and delighted.